Black Hills Race TALKS!!! Episode 107

BHRaceTalk 107

Black Hills Race TALKS!


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Coming Soon, September 17th  7:00pm

at the Historic Elks Theatre

Introducing the Inaugural Class of the Black Hills Speedway Hall of Fame.

Then…… We will be hosting these “Black Hills Race Talks” on a monthly basis, and documenting the history of the Black Hills Speedway in video and audio form, having a discussion with Racers, Crew, Owners, Sponsors, Fans, and anyone who has content to add to the historic record of racing in the Black Hills area.

Music from this episode:

“Dandelion Wine” by Gregory Alan Isakov

“Monday Mornings” by Three Crosses

“Slow It Down” by The Lumineers

Are you ready for Black Hills Race Talks


Sometimes you have to take a take a step back, before you can get a clearer picture of where it is you want to go in your forward journey. This is what we have done!

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Black Hills Race Talks COMING SOON!
September 17th 7pm at the Historic Elks Theatre
Black Hills Speedway Hall of Fame Inaugural Class ANNOUNCEMENT!
Come Listen to the History and Stories of Racing in the area.
SHARE and get the word out.
Tickets will be $10 and 1/2 the money collected will support the BHS Hall of Fame, as well as a local charity.


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