Giving Back

  •     “Black Hills Race Talk with the help of Black Hills Speedway, Aga Farms, JMD Excavating and the Generous Support of the Racing Community have started a school supply drive for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year.   We have already raised over $920 for this cause, and will continue through the 2017 Racing Season.



  • BHRaceTalk, Sires Trucking, and SMAC Motorsports Helped to raise an additional $820.00 to Help Jeremy McCune out after his skin grafts and surgeries.

You can still Help at:


BHRaceTalk and Black Hills Speedway raised over $1000 for the

Humane Society of the Black Hills and the Children’s Miracle Network

Humane Society Fundraiser 01   Childrens Miracle Network 01

http://www.RAACE.org3D PMP 011

3D PMP 09


The last few years I drove a race car, I decided to make a choice to give back. I have never been very good at asking for sponsor money, in fact never really collected that much anyway to support my racing, so I thought, “If I could affect at least 1 life positively with what I am doing, that would make it all worth it.” I went to Knoxville to watch the Nationals and met Stevie Smith, who was driving a car dedicated to The RAACE Foundation. I talked to him and saw the wonderful impact he was having through the sport of sprint car racing….. after that, I was all in. I dedicated the last few years of my driving to bringing awareness to the horrible epidemic of child abuse. I still have the desire to do this. So if you want to get involved in a charity that is making a difference in the lives of kids, check out the RAACE Foundation.

Doug Napier

Race Against Abuse of Children Everywhere


The First Step is Awareness

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