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    Local charities are awesome, and we need to support them, but that takes us as people out of the equation…..(I believe WE are changed by the process of giving.) Charities take us out…. We give to them, get a good feeling, and hope we are helping real people with real needs….. and they do, don’t get me wrong, but when we become involved in the process, it is different….. we get changed as well.

    I want us, as a Black Hills Race Talk Community to Choose people who we can help, People who are in real need that we can help. 

    For example: A Single Mother who needs tires on their car, Someone who needs a furnace or water heater fixed…….. Things like this.

    So I am relying on y’all to get involved and let me know who to help! This said….. you CAN NOT nominate yourself!!! I want to get us to dig deep, and look outside ourselves, and help others….

    Anonymously!, Without Agenda!

    Stay Tuned!

  • 2017 School Supply Drive

  •     “Black Hills Race Talk with the help of Black Hills Speedway, Aga Farms, JMD Excavating and the Generous Support of the Racing Community have completed a school supply drive for the  2017-2018 school year.   We have raised over $1000 for this cause, and gave out over 75 BHRaceTalk School packs loaded with school supplies for the school year. These kids who received them will definitely be the coolest kids in class.Give away1


  • 2017 Fundraiser for Jeremy McCune

  • BHRaceTalk, Sires Trucking, and SMAC Motorsports Helped to raise an additional $820.00 to Help Jeremy McCune out after his skin grafts and surgeries.

You can still Help at:


BHRaceTalk and Black Hills Speedway raised over $1000 for the

Humane Society of the Black Hills and the Children’s Miracle Network

Humane Society Fundraiser 01   Childrens Miracle Network 01

http://www.RAACE.org3D PMP 011

3D PMP 09


The last few years I drove a race car, I decided to make a choice to give back. I have never been very good at asking for sponsor money, in fact never really collected that much anyway to support my racing, so I thought, “If I could affect at least 1 life positively with what I am doing, that would make it all worth it.” I went to Knoxville to watch the Nationals and met Stevie Smith, who was driving a car dedicated to The RAACE Foundation. I talked to him and saw the wonderful impact he was having through the sport of sprint car racing….. after that, I was all in. I dedicated the last few years of my driving to bringing awareness to the horrible epidemic of child abuse. I still have the desire to do this. So if you want to get involved in a charity that is making a difference in the lives of kids, check out the RAACE Foundation.

Doug Napier

Race Against Abuse of Children Everywhere


The First Step is Awareness

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