15 Replies to “Local Racer’s Video Pages”

  1. good show interesting listening, My name is on a sprint car as a sponsor, a lot of people may think you need to spend a lot of money , when I know a lot of guys would help you advertise your company because they are on a shoe string budget. every thing helps these guys, a barrel of fuel, a case of oil , even help pay their entry fee once in a while, i know every one wants their name on a car that is always the winner, but its the under dogs that dont have a lot of big sponsors that need your help. It,s always better in the dirt.

  2. great show in march. not giving my age away i grew in N. Kentucky /Cincinnati Oh. of all the classes I remember seeing race was the late model stock convertiables at Letonia Ky track , this was a banked asphalt track. What you have to understand is late models were mostly the big road boats from the ’55 thru ’60 model converts, buicks ,pontiacs , olds, chyslers and fords. there was also a dirt track Glen Este Oh only 2 miles from our house that raced saturday nights which I regulary attended with my parents. Of the modern day cars Sprints are by far my favorite now.Keep up the informative show, Mike you only though I was a drag racer before you knew me.

    1. Here are the results Larry: (I just posted them on the race results page and Facebook page too)

      BH Speedway Results From Friday:
      (I was in the pits, didn’t hear all the drivers names, so I Will only give you numbers of the top 5 cars in each class)
      Thunder Stocks: 33c, 80, 17, 08, 23
      Street Stocks: 02, 78, 35, 22, 79
      B-Mods: 1m, 20, 67, 3, 95
      Super Stocks: 57, 18, 6, 48, 10s
      A-Mods: 17, 18, 71, 29, 8
      Non-Wing Sprints: 3, 51, 524, 1j (not sure about 2-3 place…. it was close.
      Late Models: 8r, 97, 13, 47, 27j
      Winged Sprint Cars: 6n, OX, 3, 10, 15

  3. finally got to catch up on race talk ,have been busy in the evenings for some reason. In answer to dirty question the slide great to watch but it has to be done cleanly not just cut the other car off. Touching is one thing but to run over the front of the other car should be avioded just to get ahead.

  4. Don’t you find it odd that Mass is leading the points in the Late Models? He wasn’t even here the first week!

  5. Why so many classes?…doesn’t it cut into the total purse?? Also Please tell Billy to put up some more speakers!

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