BH Race Talk is ALMOST Live


Soon we will be adding a Podcast (internet radio show) called “Black Hills Race Talk”. It will be a combination of news, interviews, and just having a good time focusing on promoting dirt racing in the Black Hills area. I, Doug Napier, will be the host, and I will soon be ready to announce the 2, yes, 2 co-hosts that are going to blow you away. This is going to be a good time.

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We need feedback, tell us what you think, what you want to hear more of, less of, etc.

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4 Replies to “BH Race Talk is ALMOST Live”

  1. You guys did an awsome job I live in Arizona now so its cool to hear from the old veterans & the young up n comers. I raced there off & on in the 80’s great memories also before I raced I pitted for Craig & Doug Amuck keep up the great work guys!!!!

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