7 Replies to “Episode 1 of Black Hills Race Talk”

  1. Episode 1 is more of an introduction to the characters (hosts) of the show. Winter is slow for racing news, but future shows will focus more on racing and less on us. As racing starts, we will have more interviews, race results, etc.

  2. This is Mike Pennels wife And I did listen to this. I think you all did a great thing. I hope that Lot of people listen. I hope people give you ideas and help you out.

  3. Loved the show. Actually, there were TWO races held at Belle Fourche. The first one was on August 7, 1999. It was an ASCS Rocky Mountain race won by Randy Miller. I have a question. How many Mini Sprint tracks have their been in the Black Hills over all the years Larry Reub has been racing? And when and where will the indoor Mini Sprint races be held?

    1. Larry Reub Responded:
      That is quite a lot of remembering for a mind in my condition. Just quickly thinking back, and I may miss one or two and if you include Newcastle as black hills area,

      South 79 Speedway
      Heartland Speedway
      North 40 Speedway
      Black Hills Speedway
      Pennington County Fairgrounds
      Rushmore Plaza Civic Center
      Weston County Speedway
      Newcastle Speedway
      Sturgis Short Track (JC Pappy Hoyle)
      Sturgis Fairgrounds
      Broken Spoke Speedway
      We did one indoor exhibition race at the Pennington County Fairgrounds and have had Ice Races on Pactola and Sheridan Lakes.
      …and Belle Fourche.
      We raced in the ASCS race that Butch Knouse mentions. Darwin Brink, was a mini sprint participant in that race. (Father / Grandfather of the Brinks now racing Sprints and Mini Sprints)
      There maybe more if I think about it for a while.

      Some of the Black Hills Mini Sprints will be racing at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center during the Monster Truck Show on Friday Night, March 1st


  4. Larry Reub Commented:

    The South 79 as I refer to it, is not the same as the south 79 track that the early stock cars raced on. It was a motor cycle oval track owned by Don Rice, Rice motors, and was located at the site of the present Thunder Dome Ice Rink. It was the first race track in the area that held mini sprint races. Several races were held there in the mid 70’s

    The North 40 track was just east of the present location of Toyota of the Black Hills. It was owned by Rex Conrad and was part of the North 40 Cycle park. It was the first track in this area built expressly for Mini Sprint racing. It was built in the mid 70,s with help from some of the first members of the mini sprint group. These included myself and Rex, Lon Sidel, Tim Kobes, Ky Bowen, and the Holter brothers, Dan, Dave and Jim.( I am sure I forgot some others. ) This track operated until Rex sold the land, I believe in the early 80’s.

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