BHRaceTalk Episode 28 BHS, BMP, and BHMST

Episode 28 BHRaceTalk

Episode 28 of “Black Hills Race Talk” is here…. just “Click” the link above

3d 6 27 29 35 44 57Liebig Win 22

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3 Replies to “BHRaceTalk Episode 28 BHS, BMP, and BHMST”

  1. After listening to this broadcast, I feel this should be said. During the main the number 3 was not flipped by anyone but himself. If you need proof just look at the 21 fuel tank. Also it was seen by quite a few in the pits watchers.. GROW UP AND ADMIT YOUR MISTAKES! His dad taught him to race clean, but if necessary it can change quickly.

    1. Thanks for the response Laurie, the 21 was never mentioned in the podcast, and I was not at the race, but the LR of the 3 car was bent and a few of the beadlock bolts were sheared off, which usually points to racing contact. Again, the 21 was never mentioned in the report, he is a good driver. I am just going off of what I was told though.

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