Black Hills Race Talk Episode 67

Episode 67 of “Black Hills Race Talk” is here…..

Just click the link above.

Hailey Randall, and her mom and dad.



Black Hills Race Talk Episode 67

With Doug Napier, Mike Pennel, and Lynn Amick
Black Hills Speedway
Gillette Thunder Speedway
Casper Speedway
Billings Motorsports Park
Hailey Rae Randall Wins Nascar Design Contest
Randall Motorsports on FaceBook
Black Hills Speedway Wine by Firehouse Wine Cellar in Rapid City
Butch Knouse News
Rico Abreu Update
Ryan Gaylord
Dan Wheeler
John Garrigan
Don Holman
Hailey Randall, and her parents
Police Dog Blues (Hugh Laurie)
Girl Named Tennessee (NeedtoBreathe)

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