Black Hills Race Talk Episode 80

Episode 80 of “Black Hills Race Talk” is here…..

Just click the link above.


Sponsored by Tyrrell Tires

Wissota Shootout Weekend

Wissota National Points Battle

Black Hills Speedway Fun Day Sat Oct 22 10:00am

Interviews with:

Dean Larson (Mod4)

John Garrigan (Hobby)

Jordan Tollakson (Street)

Cole Searing (Super)

Scott Splittstoesser (Midwest Mod)

Scott Ward (Late)

Rob Odegard (Late)

Music by:

Better Days (Riley Ethridge Jr.)

Grow Old With You (Matthew Mayfield)

2 Replies to “Black Hills Race Talk Episode 80”

  1. I had a great and memorable time at Black Hills Speedway. Thanks a bunch for the interview, it was fun to share it with my family.
    Have a great winter.
    Scott Splittstoesser

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