Black Hills Race Talk Episode 88

Episode 88 of “Black Hills Race Talk” is here…..

Just click the link above.

Black Hills Race Talk With Doug Napier, Lynn Amick, and Mike Pennel


Featuring Race Results from:

Black Hills Speedway

Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour

Heartland Speedway

The Butch Knouse Mad Statter Report

Interviews with Kyle Harkin, Jamie Neumiller, Brent Nielsen, Tom Sires, and Tyler Amundson

Black Hills Race Talk, still partnering with Tyrrell Tires/The Speed Center


Featuring Racing Jewelry by JewelryMonk Industries

JewelryMonk NewLogo

Music Featured in this Episode:

Norah Jones “Carnival Town”

David Mead “Comfort”

Delta Spirit “Gimme Some Motivation”

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