Black Hills Race Talk Episode 100

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Doug Napier, Lynn Amick, and Mike Pennel

Featuring Race Results from:

Wissota 100

Mad Statter Report

Black Hills Race Talk Sponsorship Partner with:


and Tyrrell Tires/The Speed Center

Featured music by:

“Home is Not Places” The Apache Relay

“Something to Look Forward To” Ari Hest


Local charities are awesome, and we need to support them, but that takes us as people out of the equation…..(I believe WE are changed by the process of giving.) Charities take us out…. We give to them, get a good feeling, and hope we are helping real people with real needs….. and they do, don’t get me wrong, but when we become involved in the process, it is different….. we get changed as well.

I want us, as a Black Hills Race Talk Community to Choose people who we can help, People who are in real need that we can help. 

For example: A Single Mother who needs tires on their car, Someone who needs a furnace or water heater fixed…….. Things like this.

So I am relying on y’all to get involved and let me know who to help! This said….. you CAN NOT nominate yourself!!! I want to get us to dig deep, and look outside ourselves, and help others….

Anonymously!, Without Agenda!




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